Alyssa Milano Takes a Swing at Donald Trump — Doesn’t Even See the Backfire Coming

Actress Alyssa Milano has not made a secret of the fact she doesn’t like President Donald Trump. Despite claiming her actions reflect someone who is a “patriot, not partisan,” she repeatedly aligns herself with solely Democratic causes and actions.

Milano was one of the major Hollywood voices behind Democrat Jon Ossoff, who lost in a special election to the GOP’s Karen Handel despite out-fundraising her by a wide margin.

On Friday morning, after news broke that both Hillary Clinton and the DNC had financed the infamous Trump/Russia dossier to the tune of millions of dollars — somehow without the “knowledge” of anyone in DNC leadership or the Clinton campaign chair — President Trump noted what many others did: that there was far more evidence of Clinton “colluding” with Russians than there was of Trump doing so.

Milano saw that as her opportunity to strike:


But what Milano appeared to miss was the fact that Clinton’s emails were not the only thing that might be of interest to the Russians. And she flat out ignored the sale of 20 percent of America’s uranium.

And she got caught:










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