Another Billionaire Hints at 2020 Presidential Run as a Republican

Well, folks.  In an interview with TMZ’s Harvey Levin for Fox News Channel’s “OBJECTified,”  Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, has hinted at a potential presidential run in 2020.

 Although he claims he is still far from a decision, if he does run, he says it will “probably” be as a…Republican.
 You can watch the full interview here:

Alternatively, below is partial transcript, capturing the essence of the interview:

LEVIN: Are you a Democrat or a Republican?

CUBAN: I’m fiercely Independent.

 LEVIN: But if you run, you’re going to have to run one or the other.

CUBAN: Um, maybe.

LEVIN: Well, if you had to choose, what would you choose?

CUBAN: Probably Republican.

LEVIN: How come?

CUBAN: Because I think there’s a place for somebody who is socially a centrist, but I’m very fiscally conservative. But I think there’s better ways now to make government smaller than the old traditional Republican ways. Again, using technology, you know, government as a service can have a dramatic impact on how we live our lives. If you don’t understand technology, and you don’t understand the impact on jobs that technology is having and will continue to have, then you’re going to run into some severe roadblocks.

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