Ashley Judd Accuses Cops for Las Vegas Shooting…Gets Truth-Smacked Instantly

The Hollywood elite has always had tendencies to take things to a whole new level, and not in the good sense of the word. The latest scandal they provoked was in regards to the recent shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Aside from the violence created by a single person, many turned against the police, shifting the blame like there was no tomorrow. Actress Ashley Judd is the latest in the series of celebrities to do so while creating a chaos at the same time. Ashley was a longtime supporter of Hillary Clinton, so we get where her rage comes from- Hillary being the losing presidential candidate and all. However, spreading lies comes at a price and Judd just learned her lesson.

Ashley Judd was first inspired to comment on the tragedy by her sister Wynonna. She made a semi-decent career back in the 90s,  She comes from a family of singers, which would seem as if she could sympathize with the tragedy, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

With many liberals commenting how the gun control would have prevented this kind of behavior, Judd is no different. The same can be said for anything really- alcohol and drunk drivers, heroin and drug addicts…so why are we silent on those issues?!

Judd actually posted a tweet of a Huffington Post story titled “Forcing Domestic Abusers To Surrender Guns Could Save Lives, But Most States Don’t Do It,” saying, “Been waiting for this connection to mass shootings to surface today.”


It is the God Honest truth that people forget about domestic violence in cases of mass shootings. In cases of domestic violence, the people who suffer are known to the offender, while in mass shootings they are not. Here is how the Huffington Post analyzed the most confusing statement, writing, “Women who obtain restraining orders are at particularly high risk for partner violence, given that fear of violence (often created by threatened or actual violence) typically motivates the desire for a protective order.”

This, honestly, has nothing to do with mass shootings, so why are we derailing from what matters? Trying to impose nonexisting connections between two topics helps no one, folks.

In everyone else’s mind, the article is pretty much as sexist as it gets. The police’s duty is known in cases of domestic violence- act in accordance with the law and arrest the offender. So, why are we wasting time with laws we already have enforced?

Mass shootings and domestic violence have nothing in common, and although many care about the domestic violence, and trust me it is important, we’re nitpicking here. Ashley Judd needs, just like every other liberal, a reality check to get her story straight. What happened in Las Vegas cost the lives of 59 people and left 500 more wounded. It is one of the most aggressive bloodbaths in US history, so instead of hating on the country, we need to understand and ask what can we do to help out.

Let’s call out to the liberals and demand they get a hold on their nasty ways and have the courage to, for once, support America and its people instead of making them look bad.

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