Bad*ss Green Beret CRUSHES Arrogant Dems Who Snubbed SEAL’s Widow By Refusing To Get Off Their Lazy Butts

Unless you’ve been drugged out or comatose that hunting image of window Carryn Owens looking up towards the heavens with tears streaming down her face, silently praying to her husband, will forever be etched within America’s consciousness, and part of America’s history.

And it will no doubt be a part of President Trump’s legacy, that’s the downside of being the Commander-in-Chief, making those tough discussions that only you can make in keeping America safe.

And on Tuesday night the Commander-in-Chief addressed the American people along with a joint address to the Congress and paid tribute to Carryn’s fallen warrior, Navy SEAL William ‘Ryan’ Owens who lost his life doing what he loved to do.

The President reminded all of us about the horrors of war and of a faceless enemy that for too long under the previous administration wasn’t named for fear of inciting terrorists to act like terrorists, no doubt a convoluted strategy that has perplexed many within the military.

The young Green Beret lost his life in Yemeni last month while on a raid on a terrorist stronghold, and President Trump wanted to honor that fallen hero by acknowledging him publicly and led the assembly in a sustained standing ovation, that by some accounts lasted close to 5-minutes.

However not all in attendance felt obligated to stand in recognition of our fallen hero, there were those Democrats who simply sat, and ignored the young window silently clasping her hands in prayer, whispering “thank you.”

Moreover, another young warrior named Tim Kennedy who had served several tours in Iraq, and who is very much alive, decided to take to social media to voice is displeasure at the disgusting anti-American antics, and instructing his wife if “God-forbid” she were faced with a similar situation.

“As a military veteran myself, I’ve never been so outraged in my entire life after witnessing what these Democrats did to this poor woman. That’s fine if you want to sit on your ass when the president is talking about his foreign policy or immigration stance. But when the nation is honoring our fallen Soldier who GAVE HIS LIFE to defend your freedoms, you get OFF YOUR ASS and you clap despite your malicious feelings towards our president!

“Just so we’re clear…. If I die in combat and my wife attends the president’s speech and for political reasons a bunch of those attending refuse to stand for her, I swear to god my teammates will come and bury each of you!”

I couldn’t agree more with this veteran.


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