Black Thug Just VICIOUSLY Attacks White Girl In Broad Daylight, What He Said To Her Will Make You Sick

A horrifying issue has been percolating and gone unreported since it doesn’t meet the mainstream media’s racist narrative who have been hyper-focused on giving attention to kneeling NFL players’ demand for “equality.” This distraction has overshadowed the real issue that has now reached a point that it can no longer be ignored. There’s a dire race issue in America and it’s not what we’ve been hearing about from the football field. It’s in our communities and now a sick new trend has emerged from it, resulting in a terrifying warning specific to young white girls in imminent danger simply for their skin color.

For eight years, Barack Obama pushed a race war by giving the black community the power and excuse to do what they want and nobody can say anything about it. He intentionally perpetuated divisiveness in this country and we’re still suffering the plague of that today. His efforts were picked up by entitled millionaire athletes who are consumed with getting all the attention on themselves and their misguided message. It’s metastasized into terroristic activity within the country that’s going ignored because the victims are white and the specific type of attack is so horrific that it must be stopped before more young girls suffer.

It takes about two seconds for an assault to be called a hate crime when the victim isn’t white. However, authorities are reluctant to call what happened in Queens, New York this week a hate crime despite every indication that it was. The country should be outraged over this, but there will be no riots, professional athlete taking a knee to bring attention to it, or even calling it what it is – a black on white hate crime.

Newsweek reports of the horrific trend that’s begun and will continue as long people ignore it. For that reason, white girls in America have been warned.

“The New York City borough of Queens boasts one of the most ethnically diverse demographics on Earth, but that doesn’t necessarily make it immune from bigotry. Police announced Wednesday that they are looking for what they described as a black male, ‘approximately 30-years-old, with a bald head,’who allegedly threw some sort of liquid in the eyes of a 13-year-old girl Tuesday afternoon, and then made what they described as an “anti-white remark” to her.”

“’This is for you, white b—h!,‘ the man allegedly said to the teenager.”

“The victim, who was returning from school, had just stepped off of a public bus in the Richmond Hill neighborhood of Queens. Police said they don’t know what kind of liquid the man threw at the girl, but said she was treated at Jamaica Hospital and had been released.”

Making this incident worse is that the suspect is still on the loose and could throw acid at another innocent “white b—h.” Authorities aren’t clear how many other times he has done this to teens, or if it was an isolated incident. What’s for certain is that the reporting on this attack is biased and totally different than if the races were switched.

Newsweek was sure to point out that “anti-white hate crimes make up a small but not insignificant percentage of hate crimes on the national level.” This was said as if to excuse the horrific nature of this assault and bring the attention back on the black community being the large target of hate crimes in America.

“According to 2015 FBI hate crime statistics, which are the latest available, roughly 18% of crimes motivated by race, ethnicity or ancestry bias singled out white people specifically, a little less than double the number of crimes that targeted Latino or Hispanic people by comparison. Hate crimes targeting black or African American people made up more than 50% of the total,” Newsweek reported rather than pointing out that the problem of black on white crime is on the rise, thanks to the to race war our previous president pushed.

What this black man did to this white teen was straight out of a terrorist’s playbook of acid attacks on innocent passersby. There’s been a plague of these same assaults by in the Sharia swamp that Europe has become after an influx of refugees. “Acid attacks are on the rise in Europe, and four Americans were recently hospitalized with serious injuries after they were approached and splashed by a woman in Marseille, France,” the Daily Wire reported.

Now this is here and the victims are the same, but the assailants are different, buy similarly motivated. The mainstream media still wants to diminish the nature of this attack and makes excuses for it. The more they cover what happened with past statistics the more they perpetuate these attacks which will continue because they can get away with it. The war on whites in this country continues unabated.


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