Congress has had a pretty rough month, and according to a bombshell new report it’s only going to get worse.

An investigative reporter for the Daily Caller who broke the story about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s corrupt IT aide Imran Awan has revealed that there’s about to be mass resignations coming from Congress in the coming days. Luke Rosiak tweeted on Friday that the sexual harassment scandals in Congress are “just getting started” and that we’re about to see the floodgates open regarding secret settlements and even more allegations of misconduct.

“Congress’ human resources scandal is just getting started. I anticipate we will see the resignation of more than a dozen House members over harassment and secret settlements, and soon.”


Using the now-famous “tick tock” tweet, Rosiac promised that the House of Representatives is about to be “rocked” by the stories in the coming days.

“Mark my words, the House is going to be rocked in the coming 72 hours. Tick Tock.”


For those unaware, Rosiac also broke the story of Democrat Rep. Gregory Meeks of New York paying out a settlement with a former aide after she claims she was sexually assaulted at the business of one of his major campaign donors. In addition to Meeks being outed, there’s been numerous other high-profile resignations from political leaders in recent weeks, the most prominent being Democrat Rep. John Conyers – the longest serving member of the House.

According to the Daily Wire, the following politicians have also been caught up in sex scandals on Capitol Hill:

Democrat Rep. Alcee L. Hastings (FL) — The Treasury paid $220,000 to settle allegations against him made by a former congressional staffer that claimed he “touched her, made unwanted sexual advances, and threatened her job.”

Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold (TX) — The congressmen announced on Thursday that he was “retiring” after former staffers accused him of making “sexually graphic jokes” and berating his aides. He previously settled a sexual harassment claim made by an employee in 2014.

Democrat Rep. Ruben Kihuen (NV) — Multiple women have accused the Pelosi-backed congressman of sexual harassment.

Democrat Sen. Al Franken (MN) — Franken announced that he would resign last week after multiple women accused him of sexual assault. Franken has still not resigned despite his promise to do so.

Republican Rep. Trent Franks (AZ) — Resigned after he reportedly made women uncomfortable by asking them to be a surrogate mother.

Additionally, news broke on Friday of the first female to be taken down by allegations of sexual harassment, and guess what? She was a Democrat. According to the Kansas City Star, Andrea Ramsay has abandoned her run for Congress after an old sexual harassment case came back to bite her in the behind – she first made a move on a male underling at a former company, and when he rejected her advances, she first demoted, then fired him.

No Bueno.

While Rosiac didn’t name any specific names, there’s been rumors that there’s numerous members of Congress who’ve used taxpayer money to silence their accusers. Thankfully, it appears as if we’re finally going to learn who they are.

It looks like the swamp is going to drain itself after all.


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