Amid the current slew of sexual harassment allegations being thrown around, a crude video of Barack Obama is once again getting attention.

As of late, there seems to be a glaring double standard with which the media handles stories about sexual misconduct between Democrats and Republicans, with Democrats receiving far more than the benefit of doubt while Republicans are treated as guilty until able to prove their innocence. In fact, Senators John Conyers and Al Franken, both Democrats, have been exposed as serial predators, yet both of them remain in their positions, all while Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore has been tried and convicted without any evidence.

The hypocrisy is mind boggling, but unfortunately not surprising. It seems as if Democrats are always subjected to a different set of standards than their Republican counterparts.


According to Snopes:

While Grabien News’ interpretation of this video was amusing, they provided no actual proof for anything they claimed. The video is too grainy to tell if it actually captured Barack Obama sporting an erection, and there’s no evidence in the video that the female reporter was “uncomfortable,” that Obama lifted his leg as a “chauvinistic” display, or that people were told to sit down so they could “get a better look.”

Grabien News saw what they wanted to see in the video — an erection — and then invented the emotions and subsequent actions of passengers on the plane in order to fit their narrative. Other viewers may see nothing out of the ordinary in Obama’s pants, a small object in his pocket, or an embarrassing bunch-up of cloth. The video is open to some interpretation, it is certainly not hard evidence that Barack Obama “flaunted” his erection to female supporters.

Below is the video. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you see.

Spoiler alert: unless Obama as a pair of tube socks in his pocket, he’s sporting the wood and showing it off to the women around him.

Another version in case LibTube takes it down

Seems pretty obvious, no? Imagine if a video exactly like this surfaced of President Trump, what the reaction would be.

It really must be nice to be a Democrat and have basically the entire mainstream media covering for you, eh?

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