BREAKING: Barack And Michelle Obama’s Racist Secret Leaks

Barack and Michelle Obama are having their portraits painted by…wait for it…two African American artists known for making their subjects larger than life.

Kehinde Wiley, a Los Angeles native who now resides in New York, will be painting Barack’s portrait. Wiley uses vivid colors and gauzy realism to gain attention from all. A perfect choice for the narcissist.

Michelle personally chose Amy Sherald to paint her portrait. Sherald is, of course, a middle aged working woman from Baltimore, Maryland. Sherald is known for making her subjects look as if they were just stopping for a moment, in the middle of doing something, to pose for the painter. Again, a perfect choice for the hypocritical Michelle.

Barack’s painter is a bit more famous than Michelle’s choice. Wiley is known for placing African American men in heroic poses, although in older painting styles. He also dresses his subjects in overly-bright lavish clothing.

Michelle’s choice is sure to rock the art world. Sherald became somewhat famous after winning the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition with a piece called, “Miss Everything (Unsuppressed Deliverance).” How appropriate.

The Obama’s are attempting to be contemporary and edgy at the same time. No doubt they will look superior with their noses pointed to the sky as they look down on all of the “little people” of America.

It is of no surprise that African American artists are painting their official portraits. The Obama’s have made their feelings about any light skinned person perfectly clear. Imagine what an uproar would occur, if President Donald Trump and his lovely wife, Melania, had their portraits painted by two white artists. Every mainstream media would be running a “racist” headline for months.

Surely, the Obama’s portraits will stand out, just as the miserable eight years they were in the White House has, negatively.


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