BREAKING: Minnesota Mom Has Muslim Lover Watch Her Baby, Returns To See How He ‘Took Care’ Of Him

She found…

Childcare can be expensive and sometimes hard to find, but your children are counting on you and trusting that they won’t be put into harm’s way. One little Minnestoa toddler found out the hard way that his mom’s Muslim lover was apparently more important to her than he was. Maybe she was proving her “tolerance” of other cultures and beliefs, she’s been told my the Muslim-loving Governor of the state what good people they are. Or perhaps she was blinded by her own desires and ignored the warning signs in the man she was dating. No amount of convenience for him to care for her son is an excuse for what ultimately happened to him after she returned home and saw what her boyfriend had done.

Too often, we hear about single mothers with bad taste in men who leave their kids with them and the child pays an extremely tragic price for it. The following instance is not only one of those cases, but is the worst we’ve come across yet, with a combination of bad decisions and ignorance to Islam. Sadly, one boy paid for it with his life.

Quran J. Mitchell, 21, is no stranger to the law. His violent tendencies earned him a misdemeanor disorderly conduct conviction following a fight he started in 2015. This time he picked a smaller, far more defenseless victim to pick on who didn’t survive his wrath. Little 2-year-old Joshua Isaiah Lockhart Jr. didn’t stand a chance against his mother’s lover and ended up dead because he was entrusted to Mitchell for a few hours who should have never been a part of his mom’s or his life.

The Star Tribune reports:

Joshua Isaiah Lockhart Jr. died from severe head wounds and other injuries, according to charges filed Tuesday against the mother’s boyfriend.

The Hennepin County medical examiner’s office, in disclosing the boy’s identity, said he died at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis late Sunday afternoon and that “blunt force injuries” were present.

Quran J. Mitchell, 21, was charged in Hennepin County District Court with second-degree murder in the boy’s death, which came nine days after Joshua’s second birthday. Mitchell’s first court appearance was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

Mitchell was on probation at the time he allegedly beat Joshua in the space he was renting from a husband and wife in the house in 3400 block of Adair Avenue. Less than 30 days before Joshua’s death, Mitchell was sentenced to 90 days in the workhouse on a misdemeanor domestic assault conviction, but that incarceration was set aside by Hennepin County Judge Bruce Peterson.

As a response to her son’s death, the mother, Ashley King, took to Facebook to share multiple pictures of her murdered child with a message that read, “Rest In Paradise Baby” and included his dates of birth and death. It’s a strange response for a woman after it was her poor actions that led to son’s untimely death. Had she picked better people to date and trust with her son and her own heart, Joshua would still be alive today. She should feel ashamed for her part in this rather than seeking out sympathizers on social media.

The Star Tribune explains the Muslim lovers sick excuse for killing the child:

On the night Joshua was taken to a hospital, doctors determined the boy had head and eye injuries and bruises on his left arm, shoulder, ear, cheek and forehead, “all indicative of child abuse,” a statement from the county attorney’s office read.

Mitchell had been beating the boy since the defendant, the child and his mother moved in two months ago, according to the prosecution.

Mitchell told police that the boy had been sick lately and that he had been having difficulty getting the boy to go to bed, the charging document against him read.

He added that he had hit the boy numerous times, sometimes on the face with a flip-flop “no more than five times,” the complaint continued, but noted that he made sure he didn’t hit the child too hard.

It’s been reported that the mother lived with this monster for two months before he killed her son. Mitchell moved in shortly after they met and started abusing the boy from the start. The mother had to have seen the signs of what was going on and ignored them for some sort of desperate companionship she got from this guy and the “convenience” of a built in babysitter.

Her son’s blood is on her hands as well and no amount of “RIP” posts about her little boy she makes on Facebook should exonerate her wrongdoing in this sickening crime. A lot of readers of this tragic story feel she’s as responsible as her boyfriend for her son’s death.

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