BREAKING NEWS Out Of St. Louis… Police Chief Expected To Make Address After SICK SLAUGHTER Leaves Multiple DEAD

Three women were shot to death while they tried to escape when burglars broke into their St. Louis home, according to authorities.

The women were inside a home on the city’s north side when two men burst in shortly after 3 a.m. local time, according to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

The shootings happened early Friday on the city’s north side, St. Louis Police Maj. John Hayden announced.

Authorities got an emergency call that a burglary was underway at the home. Another followed minutes later: shots fired.

The victims were 25-year-old Reeba Moore, and Dominique Lewis and Chanice White, who were both 24 according to police.

The women were able to get out of the house but were shot inside a car. A man inside the home escaped.

Police received the call about gunfire just two minutes after a burglary in progress was reported.

Hayden says multiple shell casings from different caliber weapons were found at the scene.

The deaths are expected to bring the city’s homicide total to 203 for the year, a 21-year high.

Police said they are looking for the attackers.

Rest in peace young ladies.



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