BREAKING: The Shocking TRUTH Comes Out About Roy Moore’s Accuser – IT’S ALL OVER

First it was a tall tale about Russian hacking last year’s election, now it’s a tall Democratic tale about Roy Moore having a relationship with teenage girls. When it sounds too absurd to be true it probably is, and both these things are.

Deborah Wesson Gibson, one of the women who claimed that, decades ago, when she was a teen, she had engaged in a relationship with Republican senatorial candidate, Roy Moore, has now admitted that she has done work for Democrats, including Vice President Joe Biden.

According to Gibson’s story, it was the spring of 1981 when she, at age 17, dated Moore. She admits she this relationship enjoyed the consent of her mother.

A 2012 Facebook post shows Gibson hugging Vice President Joe Biden, for whom she did interpreting work in 2012. The caption on the post indicates that she was, “honored to interpret for Vice President Biden in the Fall of 2012!”

The image with Gibson and Biden is also featured on the webpage for her Signs of Excellence, LLC, sign language interpretation company, which is based in Florida and Alabama.

As reported on, other Democrats for whom Gibson has worked include Florida Senator Bill Nelson and former Florida Congressman Patrick Murphy.

With all those ties with the Democrats is it any wonder that Gibson’s recent concerns about the relationship she had with Moore over 40 years ago are looked at with great suspicion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, below!

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