President Trump isn’t your typical President, and the last year has proved as much.

However, on Christmas Day, he really set himself apart from previous presidents, especially the last squatter in the White House, with what he did for the men and women working tirelessly to keep him and his family safe. Let’s just say that it isn’t something you’d ever see the Obamas do ever in a million years (thankfully they won’t live that long).

The President, regardless of who it is, requires protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which means that his protection details don’t get holidays like the rest of us. Sure, there’s shift changes and substitutions, but these proud patriots are still having to work when the rest of us, including the President, are enjoying our time with friends and family.

Knowing this, and truly being a man of the people, President Trump went above and beyond this holiday season to both show his appreciation to the men and women protecting them and make their holiday a little extra special given the circumstances. The President spent the holiday weekend at his famous Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida, and in an unprecedented move, he had the kitchen staff prepare enough meals for every one of the police, Secret Service members, and military personnel who were there ensuring his safety.

While presidents feeding their protective details may not sound like anything new, what makes this particular instance special is the fact that President Trump didn’t charge taxpayers for the meals, but instead paid for it out of his own pocket.

How can you not love this guy?

The Independent Journal has more:

According to CNN, Trump is quietly gifting military and law enforcement officials tasked with protecting him at his Mar-a-Lago residence over the Christmas season with a gift directly out of his own wallet.

He will be providing them with hundreds of meals throughout the day:

“President Trump is spending Christmas day w/ family at Mar A Lago, while providing feast for military & law enforcement, a source tells me”


“Hundreds of meals being served throughout the day for members of Secret Service, WH Military Office, & Palm Beach Sheriff working the trip”



“The meals are being paid for privately by the Trump’s the source adds”


“Meals offered from 1p-7p so all shifts working the trip can be served. Includes “a full Christmas spread” featuring Turkey & dessert buffet”


How cool is that? Conservatives on Twitter were quite impressed, with good reason.

Check it out:




And of course, one Twitter user with a good memory took the opportunity to remind us of Obama’s “benevolence,” which We, the People, were forced to pay for.



Isn’t great to have a real leader who follows through on his promises, finally? It’s going to be impossible for any future politician to fill this man’s shoes.

God Bless President Trump, and God Bless America for electing this man!

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