CBS Stock Prices Are Going Down After Broadcasting NFL Anthem Protests

As a result of the NFL national anthem protests, the ratings have dropped, ticket sales have plummeted, and fans are starting to boycott the league. But NFL is not the only one facing the consequences. TV broadcasters are suffering as well.

CBS, which broadcasted many protests, is facing a huge drop in the stock market. On September 24, many players took the knee during the national anthem as a response to President Trump’s speech condemning the players who “disrespect the flag.”

Here are the stock prices after the protests and it’s clear CBS suffered a huge hit:

The protests slowly started to blow over and stock prices to go up again. But on October 8, Vice President Mike Pence walked out during the NFL game after the San Francisco 49ers disrespected the national anthem. This made the CBS stock prices to drop again:

Stocks for CBS are low since then. ESPN, Fox Sports and CBS have decided not to broadcast the national anthem live.

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