CNN Anchor To Navy Seal: “Do not attack the stellar reporters of CNN!”

A CNN news anchor and American Navy Seal, Carl Higbie, got into a heated debate over the fact that CNN, and other news networks, have been completely reliant on anonymous sources to push anti-Trump narratives.

Retired Navy Seal Carl Higbie was asked to weigh in on the allegations that Trump had, according to anonymous sources, leaked highly classified information to the Russians.

Higbie pointed out that Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster had publicly stated that he was in the room when the conversation between the president and the Russians occurred, and that there had been no inappropriate information shared.

He concluded that the media was basing their entire narrative on the word of one or two sources who would only come forward on the condition of anonymity.

CNN host Kate Bolduan was not having any of it, and argued that it was not just CNN who was reporting on these facts, but that there are others, including the Washington Post, the New York Times, and NBC.

In other words, other openly anti-Trump, highly Left-leaning ideological “news” outlets also agree with the reporting of CNN, so there should be no questioning the facts.

Higbie countered by reading directly from a CNN report:

“Two former officials, knowledgeable of the situation, confirmed to CNN…”

That means, two people who do not work there, but who previously did, claim that Trump shared classified information with the Russians.

Higbie demanded to know the identity of the sources.

Bolduan shot back with, what is arguably the most devastating point that anyone could make. She shrieked,

“Pu-lease! Pu-lease…” 

When Higbie asked if she was trying to suggest that McMaster was lying about what he witnessed, the CNN host seemed to have a meltdown,

“Do not attack the stellar reporters of CNN, who have their sources and would protect their sources.”

The former Navy Seal was undaunted by the CNN panel erupting at his suggestion that there was something wrong with the reporting at the network, and continued,

“It’s the ‘stellar reporters of CNN’ that I am going to attack right now, and say, ‘Guess what. I don’t believe them because they’re staying anonymous.’ If they’re standing behind the story, come out and face the cameras.” 

The reliability of the Mainstream Media’s reporting, CNN in particular, has been questioned long before it has established the journalistic standard of relying solely on anonymous sources to run anti-Trump narratives.

Remember, CNN is the same network was discovered to have been colluding, in secret, with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

It was CNN’s Donna Brazile who was leaking debate questions to the Clinton Campaign prior to campaign town-hall events.

Also, according to Wikileaks reveals, it was CNN’s Kate Bolduan, among others, who attended a secret, off-the-record dinner event at the personal home of Clinton Campaign chairman John Podesta.

Given the history of obvious bias and conflicts of interest from CNN, it would only be logical to question the reliability of the networks anonymous sources, or to question whether or not the anonymous sources even exist.

Watch Kate Bolduan’s meltdown below:


Source: Independent Journal Review

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