New York City police are looking for a man who witnesses say harassed and punched a woman on the subway, after she asked him to stop “manspreading.”

The woman, Sam Sweeney Saia, said the man hurled racial slurs and profanities at her after she told him to stop crowding her on the subway. He then punched her.

As seen in the video, a Good Samaritan stepped in to help, stopping the subway attacker from doing more harm. “Get off the train bro, you just f***ing hit a lady….She’s bleeding, you piece of s***. You hit her in the mouth,” the man is heard saying.

The Daily Wire has more.

The 37-year-old claims she was assaulted after asking the man, whom she says was “man spreading me excessively,” to give her some space. “I was punched on the way to work by a stranger during my commute,” the alleged victim wrote in a Facebook post. “A black man with his face completely covered with a scarf and hood pulled over his head was sitting next to me, he proceeded to press me against the wall and man spread me excessively.”

Things escalated when Saia asked him to give her room: “B****, you ain’t nothing!” the man allegedly screamed at her. “I’ve raped white b****es like you, f***ing c***! You ain’t nothing you f***ing b****!”

The female commuter said she then told the man to “relax” and put in her earbuds. In response, the man became more enraged, continuing to spew slurs her way before “he punched me in the face and banged my head against the wall,” she says.

In the Facebook recounting the horrifying incident, Sam posted a photo of her busted lip. The woman made it a point to state that her post was a “douchebag warning” and “not a racial warning.”

As seen in the video, a male commuter came to Sam’s defense and told the alleged assaulter to leave the train. “Luckily another commuter stepped in to protect her,” says the post. “We believe he was kicked off the train at New Utrecht.”

The victim’s cousin posted a video on Facebook of the aftermath. She included the following notation regarding the subway attacker.

*Warning* This video contains some colorful language! The man on the left side of this video assaulted my cousin Sam Sweeney Saia on the N train at Bay Parkway in Brooklyn this morning while she was commuting to work. He was simply asked to give her some space and then proceeded to disgustingly berate her before punching her in the face and banging her head against the wall. Luckily another commuter stepped in to protect her. We believe he was kicked off the train at New Utrecht. If you can share this video far and wide I’d appreciate it as I’d love to actually catch this vile human being! It’s a sad world we live in when you have to be fearful of your commute to work. Below in the comments is a picture of the injury he inflicted!

If you know who the subway attacker is, contact the New York City police.

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