Daniel Rapaport Attacks Tim Tebow’s Motivational Speech

Saturday morning Tim Tebow delivered one of the best NFL motivational speech we have ever heard.

On his “SEC Nation” show, Tebow gave one amazing pep talk to Tennessee just right before their game with Alabama.

“You step up and let one thing define you: That’s your effort. That’s how much you care,” Tebow said.

“Alabama is better than you. But let me tell you one thing that they better not be better at you than And that’s called heart. It’s called courage. It’s called how much you care.”

Tebow ended his speech by calling the names of the best players of Tennessee’s past, motivating the players to step up their game.

 “Peerless Price ain’t coming back. Peyton Manning ain’t coming back,” he said. “Tee Martin ain’t coming back. You need to have someone step up and have leadership and get the job done. It’s about time you had pride in Tennessee.”

His video went viral instantly after ESPN posted the clip on Facebook, with 2 million views after only 3 hours. Everyone found his speech amazing.

But Sports Illustrated mocked Tebow’s speech by writing an article called, “Let’s Talk About This Wild Tim Tebow Pump-Up Speech.”

Daniel Rapaport, the writer, nitpicked his speech trying to find something to criticize him about.

Rapaport said: “I just don’t know if I’ve ever heard someone say ‘better’ three times in the span of one sentence. I get what Tebow is trying to say here, but yikes, either the prompter went out or Tebow went rogue on this one. You can also tell that he knew he screwed up — look at that guilty look away from the camera.”

He ended his article by writing, “for Tim’s sake, let’s hope his motivational speaking improves with practice.”

As it seems, Rapaport is unaware of this clip from Tebow’s time at Florida, which is considered one of the best motivational moments in sports history:

However, people didn’t agree with his article:

The Twitter responses were similar:


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