Dems Just About Soiled Their Diapers Upon Learning Of Genius Plan Trump Looking To Unleash For Embattled Flynn

As President Trump boarded Marine One to attend an FBI National Academy graduation ceremony, he indicated that he would be open to a Flynn pardon.

Michael Flynn worked in the Trump administration until his dismissal in February after denying and lying about making contact with a Russian ambassador.

The POTUS has the authority to issue a pardon, and Trump has already issued one to the famed Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Trump issued a pardon. He did, after all, refer to Flynn as a “very good person” during an interview back in May. Also, he has also said in a conference how unfair it was for an honorable military veteran like Flynn to suffer legal repercussions while people like Hillary got off Scots-free for much more serious federal offenses.

Of course, you can expect liberals to go insane at even the idea of a pardon. You can certainly picture the likes of CNN and MSNBC ranting about how this is the gravest miscarriage of justice and all the more reason for impeachment.

Here’s one crazy liberal calling a potential pardon an “obstruction of justice.”



Here’s another liberal lunatic ranting about how a potential pardon should have “every American alarmed at the clear & present danger Trump Poses to our country.” LOL!


Did any of these liberals express outrage at Hillary’s long rap sheet of corruption?

Do you think President Trump should pardon Flynn? Why or why not?

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