Donald Trump DROPS THE HAMMER on ‘Fake News’ NBC

President Donald Trump just took to Twitter to threaten NBC News and other media outlets. Trump wants to pull their license for what he deems is “fake news.”


This came after he challenged the accuracy of a report from NBC News that claimed he wanted a “nearly tenfold increase” in the nuclear arsenal during a summer meeting.


Trump is absolutely correct about mainstream media, and most conservatives reaction to his latest tweet will be one of agreement. However, no elected official should have the ability to stomp all over the First Amendment.

Intelligent patriots take liberal media for what it is. Inaccurate, anti-Trump, full of lies, and most of the time, just plain ridiculous. If Trump is allowed to pull a networks license, who’s next? What Democrat will try to do the same thing, but shut down a credible news station?

It is of the utmost importance that the President is not allowed to weaken free speech. America is a nation of laws and rights. We can not put our admiration for a person, in front of love for our country.

If we say it is alright for Trump to do this, then we are saying it is alright for someone like Bernie Sanders to shut down videos like this:

Freedom of Speech does NOT mean that a person can say whatever they want to say. Freedom of Speech means that someone’s right to say something is protected within certain limits. A person may have to suffer consequences for saying some things, but they still have the right to say them.

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