Failing Company Does Disgusting Thing To Try To Stop Trump’s Wall – Messes With WRONG President

A company popular for making a party game called Cards Against Humanity is trying to prevent America from being great again. They have seriously just purchased an area of vacant land along the US-Mexico border and they would really like for President Trump to not build the wall he promised to help prevent violent illegal immigrants from entering the country. Of course, this is one huge marketing scheme set to promote their product for the Christmas holiday. Their promotion is called “Cards Against Humanity Saves America” and bills customers $15 while promising that customers receive ‘America-saving surprises’ delivered to their location.

What are the six surprises? I’m not sure. I hope it’s six bricks to put on the wall and the game owners are trolling everyone.

The game’s website has a hilarious message posted on it. Hilarious in the sense that I’d likely laugh at them, not with them.

‘Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans. He is so afraid that he wants to build a $20 billion wall that everyone knows will accomplish nothing,’ the message on the website reads. 

Wrong. Trump wants to prevent violent criminals from entering the United States illegally through Mexico. This is a matter of immigration and helping to prevent America from paying so many welfare benefits to illegal immigrants, particularly the violent ones. To say Trump is afraid of Mexicans is just their way of being belligerently humorous and appealing the people in their typical sarcastic “omg can’t believe he said that” tone, which their game cards are very popular for.  Let’s remind readers of one thing – if Trump is scared of Mexicans, then Mexicans were an absolute nightmare for former President Obama, the man most famously known as the ‘deporter in chief.” Where was the outrage when Obama deported tons of illegal immigrants.

Trump’s wall will slow down immigration. It will prevent the people who walk right in through the bushes. I’m sure people will dig under, or go over it, but it will certainly limit the number of illegal immigrants from entering and that’s the goal. It’s a fine idea as long as it’s done correctly.

‘So we’ve purchased a plot of vacant land on the border and retained a law firm specializing in eminent domain to make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for the wall to get built.’

For just $15, the game promises an illustrated map of the land, a certificate of promise to fight the wall, some new cards, and a few other surprises, all of which will arrive during the month of December.

I suppose they forget that the American government has more funds and lawyers than they have. The eminent domain issue will be taken care of faster than they expect, but it’s a grandiose idea and one heck of a marketing scheme.

It seems like the company is convincing people to buy their game in the hopes that the MAGA TRUMP WALL won’t be built because they, the customer, have contributed to the stoppage. I don’t know how many hours of law practice a lot of $15 purchases can afford, but I don’t think they’ll match the budget of the government.

Daily Mail reports that “Trump has promised to build a 700 to 900 mile border wall since before receiving the presidential nomination that he estimates will cost $18billion, but internal DHS assessments estimate the cost to be nearly $21billion. ” I’m wondering who’s doing the measuring around here. 700-900 is a 200-mile difference. If a builder gives an estimate and says they’re building a 700-mile wall and the government needs 900 miles, then 200 miles are missing. That’s a big deal. Do you want 6 to 8 slices of pizza from your large pizza pie? Or do you want all 8?

If it costs $21 billion to build the wall and help prevent illegal immigrants from entering and living on the taxpayer dime, then we need to figure out how much money is spent on providing welfare and services to illegal immigrants on a yearly basis. According to, America is spending $1.9 billion per year just for “food stamp, WIC and free school lunch programs to “illegal alien households.”” If a portion of that is saved each year, then over time the wall will pay for itself, but it won’t build itself. Construction requires manpower and it will take a lot of men to build a 900-mile wall. Just another way Trump can help fix the unemployment issue in America.

In a spoof explanation video, the game is also giving those who take part in the promotion a piece of the land, which means that if the US government wanted to construct the border wall, it would have to take every individual to court.

According to Newsweek, the Trump administration might be doing just that, reportedly hiring several attorneys to fight landowners to seize property needed to build the border wall.  

We know it’s a spoof and marketing scheme. They’re doing a good job with their marketing by cashing in on the social media shares, but there’s one thing that may cause this to backfire. The people who are mostly against the Trump wall are far left liberals. Those same far left liberals are often offended by things. Do far left liberals play the “Cards Against Humanity” games, or is the game too offensive for them.

It looks like a brilliantly stupid, yet genius, marketing scheme by a game company, but they’re an offensive game targetting people who get offended by everything. The end result might be tons of social media shares and very little sales.

The game company will have to report their sales numbers after Christmas holiday to see if their plan to attract liberals has worked.

There is one last question for the game owners. If they miraculously gained enough sales to retain lawyers that somehow manage to retain their portion of the border, and Trump builds the wall around them, then what happens to that space? Will they put a door there?

Looking at this with an open mind and I see a funny/viral marketing scheme that comes up empty. Once the far left liberals see how raunchy the game is, they’ll instantly boycott it because it’s so offensive.

With that said, the marketing scheme fades fast and the Trump wall goes up with a massive MAGA flag that we can see from the moon.

I can’t imagine a liberal playing a game like Cards Against Humanity and not having so many “muh triggers” that they invoke a blizzard of snowflakes from their melting brain. This might hit a little close to home for celebrities with all the Hollywood accusations.


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