Furious NFL Mom Posted a Video on Facebook Sending a Message To Baltimore Ravens

A furious NFL mom shared a video on social media, showing her sending an emotional message to Baltimore Ravens football team, which held a central position in protesting the national anthem and flag.

On the video, she sits next to her child and unloaded on the team.

“This is my son, Ryan, he’s a huge Ravens fan… a little disappointed, not because you got your butts smacked, but because of your behavior,” mom stated.

Just a reminder, Baltimore lost to Jacksonville Jaguars, 44-7, in London at Wembley Stadium.

In the video, she showed her whole home beginning with her son’s room, which was full of Baltimore memorabilia, and then continuing the tour to show how much they’ve invested in the team.

“My husband served in the military. My father served in Viet Nam… purple heart recipient,” she said. “I’m also going to show you his brother, who also served in the military. Unfortunately, he’s deceased.”

“Look at all the Ravens memorabilia, we have spent a ton of money supporting your butts,” she explained while showing her husband’s “man cave.”

“I have told my husband, no more!” she added.

“This shirt [she’s wearing a Ravens shirt], it’s getting burned this evening,” she continued. “No more money is being spent on supporting a team that cannot support our nation.”

She said that her husband had a season ticket, before adding, “Done. Done. Gone. Forget it!”

“It’s time to take your millionaire butts off the field and get people who would actually appreciate doing what you have the honor and privilege of doing every day,” she said directly to the players. “Little children look up to you!”


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