Jesse Watters Offers Theory As To Why The Left Wants To Tear Down Confederate Statues

Fox News’ Jesse Watters offered a scorching explanation as to why the Left wants to tear down statues dedicated to the Confederate Army, and it’s a simple reminder of something the Democrats are not going to be wanting people to remember.

“Maybe the left wants to tear down the statues, so the country forgets the Democratic Party enslaved black people.”

In the wake of the Left’s efforts to erase physical representations of American history, President Trump questioned whether or not they were next going to be going after Thomas Jefferson or George Washington.

Jesse Watters offered his own opinion, where he said that Confederate monuments were relics to remind us of American history, but allowed that they were divisive.

However, he explained that the decision on whether or not to take down the statues should be left up to the people, and not to an angry mob of Leftist radicals.

He compared the actions of the Antifa movement, and their insistence that American history be erased, to the Middle Eastern terrorist group, the Taliban.

Watters also suggested that the Left wants to get rid of the Confederate monuments because of the Democratic Party’s direct connection to slavery in the United States.

“All of these Confederate war heroes were Democrats. Democrats were the party of slavery.”

Another point that Watters brings up is that the Left isn’t stopping with being satisfied with eliminating Confederate statues, as they are also calling for the elimination of the Founding Fathers from the history books.

Because George Washington and Thomas Jefferson lived in an era in which slavery was acceptable, and because these two men were a product of their time and owned slaves, the Left would have us believe that all of their accomplishments are somehow tainted and should be expunged from American history.

This would include, Watters points out, the writing of the Constitution and the founding of America.

You can watch the monologue below, and don’t forget to share this if you agree with Jesse Watters.

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