Las Vegas Shooting Details Don’t Make Sense….The Media Remain Silent

The liberal media have every intention to push forward the Las Vegas shooting narrative in frames that work for them alone, warning the government of Second Amendments threats and asking for immediate amendments. However, it was reported numerous times that shooter Stephen paddock went above and beyond to use several automated guns, which have nothing to do with the Second Amendment or gun control but have everything to do with the illegal purchase of highly dangerous weaponry.

Still, the media worked tirelessly to convince the American people there was a larger picture behind the screens, and now the crowd has raised its doubts.

Many media outlets tried to put logic to these tireless questions and suspicions, and while some are easier to answer, others are far trickier. Let’s analyze them respectively.

Reportedly, photos of the shooter’s hotel room were leaked to the public. However, the person who did it, the manner in which it was done, the contents of the written note and the motives remain unknown.The Las Vegas Sheriff Department had to only say this was not a “suicide note.” Notice the blue tube on the floor? Do you know what it serves for? No, neither do we.

2 ) Are we talking a second shooter here? Videos online continuously suggest a second shooter was located storeys below Paddock and shot from a different angle. The sheriff was not hesitant to say the original shooter might have had some help.

3 ) Stories about a woman who walked among the crowd, warning everyone of an immediate death, began surfacing. Who the heck was this woman and where did she run off to?

 4 ) The shoots transferred $100,000 to an incognito person in the Philippines just a week prior to the attack. WHo this person was or why the money was wired in the first place remains unknown.

5 ) Paddock’s girlfriend, Danley was in the Philippines at the same time as the attack. Afterward, she came back to talk to authorities and shed a light on the case. Was she aware of what her partner was planning to do? Was she involved?

6 ) The shooter was taking Valium and other lighter anti-anxiety medication. Many suggest that drug overuse can lead to an aggression of this sort, but do we know it for a fact?

7 ) The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the shooting and assured Paddock converted to Islam six months ago. Law enforcement was quick to drop those claims. Now, would the Islamic state claim such a thing without being responsible or doing it at all?

8 ) The shooter had a lot of money, earned through handling real estate and gambling. If money’s not the issue, did he have an ulterior motive?

9 ) The shooter owned about 27 different residences in America. Moving from place to place- now isn’t that a little bit too coincidental?

10 ) Was the city chosen on purpose as well as the concert venue and the time of the shooting? Speculations of an anti-right political attack erupted as a result, due to the fact that most people in the crowd were of conservative background.

There is still much to be said and asked about the deadliest massacre America has ever seen, and we hope that a rightful closure will come soon enough.

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