McDonald’s Just Pissed Off 100 Billion Customers With What They’re Doing In Their Restaurants Now!

Mickey D’s decided that they would…

No matter what your chosen profession, it will come with its own set of problems and annoyances. The one thing that is universal, regardless of your profession, when you provide a service to the public, you need that public to want you to provide it if you’re going to stay in business. Hence, the origination of the saying “the customer is always right.” In other words, we need to keep the customers happy if we want to all have jobs tomorrow and next month and next year.

Apparently, the employees at McDonald’s in Florida missed that memo, because they’ve taken it upon themselves to decide who they will be serving and who they won’t. While it’s any businesses prerogative to refuse service to anyone, assuming the franchise cooperates, the group that they choose to deny says a lot about their priorities.

This Palm Bay Mickey D’s decided that they would deny uniformed police officers their food because of the profession that they chose. Florida Today reports that the incident still hasn’t been commented on by the restaurant, and they referred any questions to the corporate office. That begs the question as to whether this is a company-wide policy, or just one rogue store with a vendetta:

“A 23-year veteran Palm Bay police officer is “shocked” after saying he was denied service by a clerk at a McDonald’s drive-thru because of his profession.
The general manager of the McDonald’s restaurant, located at the corner of Palm Bay Road and Babcock Street, would not comment on the incident but referred questions to the corporate office. The corporate office called the employee’s behavior, which Lt. Tim Lancaster described in a Facebook post, ‘unacceptable.’

Lancaster reported the incident happened Friday when he went in uniform to the 4705 Babcock Street location to grab a quick lunch.

‘I ordered my lunch, paid at the first window and moved up to the second window to pick up lunch. When I got to the window, the clerk looked at me with my drink in hand and stopped,’ Lancaster wrote on his Facebook page.

‘She handed my drink to another clerk and walked away in disgust,’ Lancaster said, who then asked the other worker at the window if something was wrong.

The clerk told Lancaster ‘that the other clerk refuses to serve cops.’

‘I think they’ll handle it appropriately,’ Lancaster told FLORIDA TODAY on Sunday. ‘I was shocked, that’s a good word. I never thought I’d be at a point in my career when I’d see something like this,’ he said.”

The officer decided to talk about his experience on social media in hopes of letting his friends and family know about his experiences. That post has been shared over 7,000 times in just a few days:

“Completely shocked and disappointed. I have been working in law enforcement for over 20 years and never thought I would personally experience what just occurred at the drive thru at the McDonald’s at Palm Bay Road and Babcock Street. I ordered my lunch, paid at the first window and moved up to the second window to pick up lunch. When I got to the window, the clerk looked at me with my drink in hand and stopped. For the record, I am in full uniform and an unmarked car. She handed my drink to another clerk and walked away in disgust.

I asked the other clerk what was wrong, she stayed that the other clerk refuses to serve cops. I was embarrassed and upset. After a while, I called the store and spoke to Omar, he identified himself as the general manager, and said he would address it.

I will never eat at McDonald’s again.
Never been treated like that before.”

“McDonald’s corporation – which owns the restaurant – responded swiftly with a statement to FLORIDA TODAY.

‘We have respect for all first responders and are investigating,’ said Carolina Rodriguez, a spokesperson for McDonald’s, in a statement Sunday. ‘The behavior described in this Facebook post is unacceptable and not tolerated in our restaurants.’

It is also not the first report of law enforcement officers being denied service by some individual workers at a small number of various restaurants nationwide.

Lancaster said since the post, he and other officers have seen ‘overwhelming support.’

‘It’s very humbling,’ Lancaster said, who has been involved in numerous community service and outreach programs over the years.

Neither McDonald’s nor the general manager of the McDonald’s, Omar Perez, would confirm the status of the employee involved in the incident. About a dozen customers were inside the restaurant mid-Sunday.

The same restaurant has in the past hosted Palm Bay police department’s ‘Coffee With a Cop’ community outreach program, an effort by police to better connect with residents.

Officers were also called to the location in December to investigate a burglary at the older, former restaurant in the same plaza after Perez and others noticed over $80,000 in grills and fryers missing. An investigation is ongoing into that case.”

This is a great example of the kind of blowback that a company experiences when their employees decide that they can act on their own political convictions while on the clock. Right now, one of the biggest fast food chains in the nation has mud on its face because one rogue employee decided not to do their job, and treated a first responder with disrespect.

Perhaps this employee needs to be reminded that if he can’t serve who the company wants him or her to serve, they should seek employment elsewhere. And if McDonald’s won’t back the blue and do what it takes to make sure that a police officer never has to feel this way at their store, they need to find out what the American people think about that.

[H/T: Florida Today]

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