Melania Trump HUMILIATES Michelle Obama With Major Announcement

First Lady Melania Trump is excited about bringing a “traditional” Christmas back to the White House. Most in our country are pleased about the news, however Michelle Obama rumormongers pick apart every little thing the Trump family does. Melania gave a lovely preview of some of the Christmas decor in the White House, and Michelle’s followers were quick to point our what was missing.

Every First Lady follows examples from the previous administration as they pick a Christmas theme, and are shown the decorations left by the former First Lady. When Melania hinted that she would be bringing back “Christmas traditions” to the White House, liberals started trashing her all over social media.

Look at some of Melania’s beautiful choices for Christmas decorations:




One of Michelle’s decorations will never see the light of day again, and for a very good reason. Fox News reported in 2009, “Mao Zedong is in the White House, hanging out with a drag queen. Not far away, Barack Obama is making a play to have his head etched in stone.”

During Michelle’s first Christmas as First Lady, the official White House tree featured this disgusting ornament dipicting the late Chinese dictator, Mao Zedong, who murdered more than 45 million people in China.

Nancy Morgan from Newsreal said, “Throwing in a drag queen, shows Obama’s lack of respect for our Christian traditions — sort of like “a dog peeing on a Bible.”

Liberal social media users responded to Melania’s Christmas decor with disgusting, demeaning comments…but who would expect any different, as the Trumps bring God back into the White House. Patriotic Americans can rejoice, Christ has been brought back to Christmas.

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