Melania Trump Significantly Reduced Spendings For the White House’s East Wing Operations

Melania Trump significantly reduced spendings for the White House’s East Wing operations compared to Michelle Obama.

According to the reports released by the White House, Melania Trump is spending much less than Michelle was during her time in the White House.

During the first year as a first lady Michelle Obama had 16 staffers costing taxpayers $1.24 million a year.

Melania Trump now has only four people working for her, reducing the costs down to 40%, $486,700 a year.

According to the reports, Melania has a communications director, deputy director of advance, chief of staff and deputy chief of staff currently working for her.

 These reports are referring only to the people whose job title has the words “first lady.”

In General, if we consider all of those who can be included, Michelle had 24 employees, compared to Melania’s nine. This might be the highest number of staffers that a first lady has had, followed by Hillary Clinton, with 19 staffers, and Laura Bush with at least 18.

Melania’s low number of staffers reflects her expressed desire to have an impact and also not be the center of attention.

“As with all things that she does, she is being very deliberate in her hiring,” Stephanie Grisham, Communications Director, said. Adding that Melania is “focusing on quality over quantity.”

“It is important to her that the team is a good fit for what she wants to accomplish as first lady, and that everyone works well together,” Grisham pointed out. “She also wants to be mindful and responsible when it comes to taxpayer money.”

One reporter said Melania Trump is an example of a first lady that we haven’t seen for decades.

“She is more like a Pat Nixon or a Bess Truman than a Hillary Clinton or a Michelle Obama,” said Andrew Och, a first lady historian and a producer for the C-SPAN’s “First Ladies: Influence and Image” series.

Here is a part of Melania’s speech showing her role as a first lady:


Sources say Michelle Obama had greater agenda than Melania, but the current first lady has built up her public activity this past month.

Melania isn’t coming from “the world of politics,” acknowledging the fact that she does not “feel the need for the larger staffs that her predecessors have had.”

There are many other departments in the White House where the current administration is cutting budgets. According to the reports in June, Trump had 110 fewer WH staffers compared to Obama’s. These cuts will save up to $22 million in the next four years.

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