MLB Pushes Anthem Protesters Over the Edge, After Replacing Their Traditional Tune with a Brand New Song [VIDEO]

With all of NFL’s anti-anthem protests taking over America in a disgusting trend, many wondered what would happen in other sports organizations in America, such as the NBA and MLB. While the NBA kept it respectful so far, the Major League Baseball shocked the nation after playing a song the left cannot stand.

On Tuesday, the MLB had a little help from American servicemen and played the following tune. Take a look:


The song, God Bless America, provoked anger with many Americans, who were quick to respond on social media:




On the flip side, American baseball fans supported the move:




Whether this was a good call or not, is yet to be seen, but one thing remains certain- Democrats across the nation are bewildered at the League’s audacity to even consider God Bless America as a song suitable for their pre-game ceremony. heck, if we were to listen to everything the liberals were suggesting, we would have been left with a kneeling nation at every patriotic song. Perhaps they would like to see some of their Hollywood friends’ songs played around, huh?! What a joke!

 What do you think? Was ‘God Bless America’ an appropriate choice for opening up the MLB game?

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