Nancy Pelosi Has MEDICAL EMERGENCY During Speech – Suffers Face Spasms, Utters Gibberish

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi seemed to have a difficult time during her weekly press conference. Starting from her very first sentence, “What an event-filled morning has been,” Pelosi uttered gibberish.

“Really one that, uh, marks a transf— for—” she said, before staring at reporters barely 10 seconds into the appearance, and finally saying, “transformative moment…”

Just moments later, Pelosi confused “trillions” with “billions.”

“When President Bush left office the deficit was 1.4 trillion,” Pelosi said as she suffered an apparent facial spasm, “uh, trillion dollars. So you’re talking about an enormous amount of money. The national debt increased by an enormous amount — the debt was 1.4 billion in terms of the deficit.”

We count on our country’s leaders to know the difference between trillion and billion. After staring off into space and murmuring to herself, she blurted out “low,” before continuing what she was attempting to say.

Pelosi attempted to answer a question from a reporter. She began by stamering, then saying “We’re here for the American people…” A well practiced answer for sure.

Seconds later, she said, “Education being essential. Education, by the way, being any money being spent on education that—” she said before stopping and staring at reporters.

Another facial spasm occurred when she tried to say “declaring an emergency.” Pelosi said, “House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans and the White House, as to uh— what— when that will happen,” blurting it out.

Pelosi tried to say “continuing, and stumbled through it horribly. “It has to happen soon so that we can have it done, uh, by the um— the end of the— con— ca— uh, the continuing resolution,” she finally said.

Although Pelosi refers to herself as a “master legislator” and an “astute leader,” who has clung to power grimly for 14 years, those in the Democratic Party would call her something else. Pelosi has led the Party to four consecutive defeats and brought their House caucus to it’s lowest point in the last 90 years.

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