NFL Gets Trolled: Democrats’ Hypocrisy on the Term ‘Respect’ Perfectly Defined in a Simple Cartoon

ust when you began to think things in the NFL may be changing up, the organization proved everyone wrong.

As far as amends are concerned, the NFL just supported a newly introduced criminal justice reform legislation that goes straight against Washington. 

The legislation entails mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug perpetrators, which will give the judges more liberty (oh, wow) to carry out related sentences and allow these offenders to walk out in the streets once again.

“We felt that this was an issue over the last months, as we have continued to work with our players on issues of equality and on issues of criminal justice reform, that was surfaced for us, and we thought it was appropriate to lend our support to it,” NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart told The Daily Caller.

ince it doesn’t get any more political than this, many wondered if this has anything to do with recent and persistent anthem protests.

The entire parade began with Colin Kaepernick kneeling before the anthem was played at one of the 49ers’ games. Many teams followed up on the trend, and it has all boiled down to a cat and mouse game.

 The legislation is introduced by Republican Sen. Charles Grassley and Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin.

How this bill will help the NFL is yet to be discovered, but there’s always a catch. the legislation is widely supported by many other collectives such as the Charles Koch Institute, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Americans for Tax Reform.

Grassley and Durbin were appreciative of NFL’s support, even with the League fighting major image battles at the moment.

At the same time, owners are looking for solutions to satisfy both the fans and players. Although the players were boycotting the anthem and flag, it looked as the country and its symbols suffered the most, many condemned these protests with even President trump and VP Mike Pence striking against the NFL’s practice. Fans of many NFL teams gave up their cheering habits and torched the teams’ jerseys as result. All in all, it was a general chaos, that doesn’t seem to settle down.

As far as the Grassley legislation is concerned, his spokesman said the NFL has been collaborating intensely to set it in motion. A spokesman for the NFL Players Association didn’t respond at once when asked whether the players were on board with the bill.

Veterans across America have been very opinionated on the entire protest drama, noting no true American would ever behave in such manner, and giving the players who are not decent enough to respect the country, a way out.

The dust just doesn’t seem to settle.

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