Over 200k Members of Facebook Group Vow to Boycott NFL for Veterans Day Weekend

A massive Facebook group with hundreds of thousands of followers called for a nationwide boycott of the National Football League on Veterans Day Weekend, urging fans around the country to change the channel “in solidarity” with Americans who respect the national anthem.

“We will be not be watching or listening to NFL games on November 12th in solidarity with veterans around the country, as football players have continued to disrespect the national anthem, the American flag, and everything our nation stands for,” says the group’s official website.

“Until millionaire football players stop protesting the National Anthem of the United States, we’ll be here,” it adds.

The organization’s call for a boycott comes after more than two months of NFL players publicly protesting the performance of the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ during pre-game ceremonies. As a result, furious fans are increasingly changing the channel.

 The troubled National Football League continued to see its ratings completely collapse this week, with the NFL posting television viewership figures that sent officials and team owners scrambling to stop fans from abandoning the disastrous 2017 season in droves.

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