President Trump Is Becoming a Star in China, After His Granddaughter Delighted Whole Country

President Trump is becoming very popular in China and he has his granddaughter Arabella Kushner to thank.

President Trump pleasantly surprised President Xi Jinping with a video of Arabella reciting Chinese poems in Mandarin.

The 6-year-old girl looked charming as she performed the poems while wearing a traditional Chinese grab.

She started her performance by addressing the Chinese President by using the honorific term of endearment “Grandpa.” And President Xi gave her an “A-plus” for her presentation and said she is a “child star” in his country.

Arabella also impressed the Chinese in February 2017, when her mother, Ivana Trump, shared a video of Arabella singing in Chinese to celebrate the Lunar New Year. That video instantly became popular in China.

 While the mainstream media continues to attack President Trump, he is highly respected and admired in China. Why? Because of his personality and what he represents, his boldness and success are ideals the Chinese appreciate.

In China, there is a popular social media platform similar to Twitter called Sina Weibo, where President Trump supports are far more than his detractors

“Chinese people are impressed that he is extremely rich, he loves things splendid and magnificent, and he loves to show off. Not every billionaire is like that,” Yin Hao, with 1 million followers on Sina Weibo, stated.

Furthermore, the Chinese love Trump because of his dedication to his family and the harmony they live in. Unlike many children of rich, famous parents, Trump’s children do not have addictions problem they are successful smart people.

“You can tell what parents are like through their children’s success,” the China Education Daily wrote in a story about. “Trump’s five children are all excellent. It means he is a very successful father.”


President Trump is on his first trip to Asia, during which he traveled to South Korea, China and Japan And, he will visit the Philippines and Vietnam.

On Wednesday, President Trump delivered a speech at the South Korean national assembly, where he addressed to Kim Jong Un saying he doesn’t know who he is dealing with.

“Do not underestimate us. And do not try us,” Trump said. “The regime has interpreted America’s past restraint as weakness. This would be a fatal miscalculation. This is a very different administration than the United States has had in the past.”


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