Racist Black Nurse Just Called For Killing White Babies – Now Let’s Make Her Famous

Over the last eight years, Barack Obama fanned the flames of division with his identity politics and pitting Americans against each other. Instead of Obama focusing on uniting the country he did what he could to create a race war in the country, and now, race relations are at an all-time low. That has been evident in the number of crimes on the rise that are being committed against white people across the country. These vile racists have been busy spewing their hatred online hiding in plain sight and holding positions of trust. Now one one racist nurse was just discovered calling for the white genocide of white babies, and it is time to reveal her vile nature for all the world to see.

Those in the medical field should be trusted considering that they literally hold others people’s lives in their hands. However, there are those in the medical area that mean to cause harm and need to be rooted out before they can. So, when one Indiana nurse posted on social media that all white babies should be murdered, social media users did what they could to reveal the hate and ensure she would be fired.

Online Redditors and Twitter users tracked down the hateful nurse and discovered that her name was Taiyesha Baker and she worked at Riley Children’s Health, which is an affiliate of  Indiana University Health in Indianapolis. After this disgusting post was discoveredPJ Media reached out to the hospital and asked for a statement regarding this troubling post and this is how the hospital responded.

“We are aware of several troubling posts on social media which appear to be from a recently hired IU Health employee. Our HR department continues to investigate the situation and the authenticity of the posts. During the investigation, that employee (who does not work at Riley Hospital for Children) will have no access to patient care.”

Next, it was asked what department this racist nurse worked in, and they declined to answer the question. 

Internet sleuths quickly compiled a sampling of Baker’s racist anti-white sentiments and posted them online for all to see, and there are many to look over.

It is hard to believe that a hospital did not do their research on Baker and see these horrific tweets, and if they did see them why did they hire still? Shortly after the tweets were discovered, Baker deleted her Twitter account, but the screenshots of the tweets will last forever.

Twitter now is finding themselves in the hot seat with tweets like this being allowed on the social media giant. For too long we have heard Facebook and Twitter announce that they will be cracking down on hate speech, but it appears that it only applies to those speaking out against the liberal agenda. Twitter has removed in the past conservative voice Milo Yiannopoulos with no warning for what he did to be permanently banned from the platform. Though accounts with racist anti-white tweets and calls to murder white people remain active on Twitter despite being reported.



This discovery comes on the heels after Freedom Daily’s Prissy Holly reported on the three black nurses that allowed a World War II veteran to die while he pleaded for help.

Eighty-nine-year-old highly-decorated WW II veteran James Dempsey served his country honorably, and probably never fathomed that the worst experience of his life would come at the very end of his years at the hands of a nasty staff of callous nurses. After suddenly being unable to breathe, he pushed the call button in his room six times, frantically telling staff over the intercom that he needed immediate help.

“Help me! help me!” the man’s feeble voice can be heard in the video below as he gasps for air and waits for the staff to come assist him. Dempsey had pushed the call light in his room at 4:34 am but it would take a startling 10 minutes for the nurses to get off their butts and make their way down the hall to tend to his life-threatening emergency. The nurse supervisor, Wanda Nuckles, finally made her way to Dempsey’s room after being notified by another nurse after the man was unresponsive.

These discoveries are incredibly troubling considering the field that Baker and the other nurses are working in. Being in the medical area is one of trust since people are coming in during a vulnerable time in their lives. How will people feel about leaving their white children or their elderly parents with people who they do not know how they personally think of them?

Hopefully, this woman will be fired and not allowed to work in the medical field ever again, and also maybe it will change the way hospitals hire people. It is now time that these hospitals do further research on potential candidates so that people will trust who taking care of their loved ones.

H/T [Pj Media]

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