Hillary Clinton may not be President of the United States, but she hasn’t had a problem finding work.

Besides selling her book, Clinton appears to be taking the odd job here and there, especially those that keep her in the public eye. She recently served as the guest editor of Teen Vogue in November (no, really). As a follow-up, she was the keynote speaker at the Teen Vogue Summit, where she discussed gender equality and issues like abortion rights (no, REALLY).

She even did a side job as a comedian, apparently, taking time out to appear in a video for “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” to celebrate 2017 as The Year of the Woman.

The video, which features a “Song for Women,” takes a swipe at men for their “mansplaining” and even takes a shot at white people. And then Hillary Clinton shows up in a cameo.

Here is the video, and remember, this woman was almost the leader of the free world.

In her recent stint with Teen Vogue, Clinton waxed poetic about politics.

If you’re eligible to run for office, you have every right to run. You’re making your case. You are presenting yourself. And people have the opportunity to support you or not. And at the end of your campaign, you’ll find out whether you were successful. But you shouldn’t allow anybody to undermine you and go after your confidence or your commitment to doing this. Easier said than done because it is incessant. It’s hard for any first-time candidate, but it is harder for women. Wear what you want to present yourself to the voters because that’s who you are. You will be criticized no matter what you do. The fact is, people should be much more interested in hearing what you would do, so you have to get through the superficial judgments and constant second-guessing. That’s one of the reasons when I started running for office — and the whole time I’ve been in the Senate, secretary of state, running for president — I adopted a uniform. For me it was pantsuits. After a while, people get bored talking about it and don’t really pay much attention to it.

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