Sheriff Clarke Takes Down Geraldo After Geraldo Tries To Play The Race Card

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is not afraid to speak his mind, and often seems to leave political correctness concerns for others to worry about.

In an appearance on Fox News’ Sean Hannity Show, Clarke took commentator Geraldo Rivera down a few notches when the topic of racism popped up.

Clarke was speaking about how Donald Trump was criticized for saying that African American citizens live in hell.

Sheriff Clarke took issue with that criticism, and confirmed that large swaths of the black community do live in “hell-holes,” and this is due to entrenched poverty in cities in which Democrats have had a historic monopoly on the way in which they are run.

“I said the American ghetto is a hellhole. Unless Mrs. Bill Clinton and Senator Kaine think it’s okay for blacks to live in entrenched poverty with failing schools, inadequate housing, and crime-infested neighborhoods.”

He went on to say that community policing, the idea of police officers spending time in certain areas to build ties with the members of those communities, cannot work in these places that have an “entrenched underclass that is culturally dysfunctional.”

Rivera countered that Clarke was wrong to generalize a segment of the population, and stated that he lives in New York City, that he rides his bicycle through Harlem on a daily basis, and that Harlem is not a “hell-hole.”

He brought up the new brownstones being put up, a “striving” middle-class, and new restaurants as examples to make his point.

Clarke fired back that he was on the ground level of the American ghettos in Milwaukee every day, and to show that what he was saying was accurate, invited Rivera for a week long visit with the sheriff, where he could see these ghettos first hand.

“I’ll show you a different part about the American ghetto.” 

Clarke accused Rivera of only wanting to concentrate on the areas in America that have been revitalized.

Though Geraldo Rivera’s early career was practically built on his reporting from the middle of literal war zones, he did not accept Sheriff Clarke’s invitation to visit the American ghetto while on the air.

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