Sick Racist Video Leaks Mercilessly Mocking Melania On Thanksgiving And Media is DEAD SILENT

Being a part of the First Family is tough no matter what. Not only are the eyes of the entire nation on you at all times, your every choice, no matter how small is either praised or picked apart by the media. If something succedes, you’re raising the bar, but if something fails, you’re said to be embarrassing the country.

This isn’t just the case for the President, it’s true for his wife and children as well. In the case of President Trump, even though he has a somewhat non-traditional immediate family, his wife, Melania, and 11-year old son, Barron, are the ones in the White House, sharing the spotlight with him, and that spotlight is not kind.

Even though the First lady has been the picture of class and dignity from the start, the media always seems to find a way to pick her apart. Even though he left claims to be pro-immigrant (which she is) and pro women (kind of obvious, but sometimes people have doubts about the first lady) and she’s highly educated. Those three things, female immigrant who is college educated, that is the liberal version of a triple threat, and yet they still don’t like her.

Many of the nastier opponents of the President tend to attack the First Lady personally about things like her looks and accent. According to The Gateway Pundit, two actresses took the opportunity of down time that Thanksgiving allowed them and chose to spend their time making a video to mock the First Lady:

“Remember as you read this: These people think they are your moral superiors.

Hollywood actresses mocked First Lady Melania Trump this year in their Thanksgiving video.

The two women play characters ‘Melanoma’ and ‘Bulimia’ her cousin and mock the First Lady’s accent in their Thanksgiving video.”

It appears that a couple of moderately well-off actresses found some wigs after a few too many glasses of wine and decided to amuse themselves by taking part in the liberal national pass time; taking cheap shots at the First Family.

IF the left is looking to add legitimacy to their argument about the First Family, they should probably choose things to criticize other than the First Lady’s name and accent. Not many of us choose our names, and her accent is due to the fact that she’s speaking her second (or possibly third) language better than most of us speak our first.

Even the New York Times in an opinion piece earlier in the year admitted that the First Lady would probably be given an unusually rough time trying to do her job:

“American first ladies occupy an unpaid job in the middle of a political minefield. ‘You’re reflecting not only on yourself and the administration; you’re in a way seen as representative of all women,’ says Lisa Kathleen Graddy, curator of American political history and women’s political history at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. Americans expect their first ladies to be ‘all things at all times: graceful, courteous, considerate, compassionate, diplomatic — but in an acceptable kind of way, not overblown, or hectoring. … There are no written rules. You find those lines only when you cross them.’

Mrs. Trump’s added burden is that besides helping to change the world, she has been expected to help change her husband. We’ll get back to that.

Born in Slovenia, Melania Trump is the first foreign-born first lady to occupy the White House since Louisa Adams, the London-born wife of John Quincy Adams, who became first lady in 1825. Some first ladies use their perch to continue work they have already been interested in, as when Eleanor Roosevelt turned her longtime passion for politics into advocacy for human rights and a post-White House diplomatic career.

…Mrs. Trump’s is a pristine model of offered thanks, prayers, support for children and support for victims of disaster. After the neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville, Va., she tweeted: ‘Our country encourages freedom of speech, but let’s communicate w/o hate in our hearts. No good comes from violence. #Charlottesville.’

As Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama did with their children, Mrs. Trump is determined to shield Barron from a prying public. She has made her share of hospital and classroom visits, and in photographs she appears happier in the company of children than in the company of … you know, the guy she referred to as, “Sometimes I say I have two teenage boys at home.” Mrs. Trump has kept Mrs. Obama’s garden because, as Ms. Grisham says, she knows Mrs. Obama loved it, and she appreciates its role in teaching kids to make healthy choices.”

Being the First Lady is an important task, but one that brings with it the opportunity to do a lot of good. Melania Trump obviously has the ability to do that good, and it would be a lot easier if the petty, jealous masses would stop trying to find flaws and start supporting the entire First Family.

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