SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE That John McCain Is a Traitor

Well, well, well, what do we have here? It appears that Senate double agent John McCain may have some serious explaining to do. Thanks to Judicial Watch, we know that McCain had searched high and low for a rumored dossier that had damning information on President Trump.

In the book “Rogue Spooks: The Intelligence War on Donald Trump”, authors Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, state that McCain attended the global anti-Trump intelligence conference in Halifax, Canada from November 17 to 20 last year. He was accompanied by former Hillary State Department employee David Kramer, who now works for the Arizona State University’s McCain Institute for International Leadership.

While there, McCain met up with Sir Andrew Wood, who was Britain’s former ambassador to Russia. Sir Wood was a close associate of MI6 spy and author of the fake ‘Russian Dossier’ on Trump, Christopher Steele. It was agreed that the dossier would be handed over to Kramer at a later date.

It was initially reported that McCain pursued the dossier out of a patriotic duty to bring down a dangerous Donald Trump. That, like much of McCain’s comments regarding the dossier, turns out to be highly exaggerated.

True Pundit reports that last weeks’ revelation that former FBI Director James Comey, a sop for Hillary, funded the acquisition fee of $100,000 dollars for what turned out to be hypothetical opposition research, pales in comparison to the following bit of surprising news.

It is now being revealed by British court papers in relation to a lawsuit against Steele, that part of that 100 grand may have come from McCain, putting to the lie that he “just had to” turn over the dossier to Comey as nothing but an intentional perversion of ‘he absolutely wanted to’ peddle false information that he hoped would lead to a coup against the President.

It is growing increasingly clear that when the Trump-hating media networks turned up their noses at such obvious malarkey found in the dossier, McCain panicked that his investment would be for naught and dropped it in the lap of loyal Deep State soldier, James Comey.

From that moment, Comey ‘legitimized’ the bogus information by calling for a special counsel to look into the claims.

This was an international intelligence community set-up of a President defying the conspiratorial New World Order agenda. At the heart of the scheme was John McCain, fake patriot, fake man of honor, but total sell-out.

If there was justice in this world, he would be standing blindfolded before a firing squad right about now.


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