This is a scandal and the GOP leadership needs to address it

if anyone could figure out a way, you could depend on Congress to figure out how to keep harassment settlements secret. That is what this appears like at first reading. There is a financial report on settlements that Congress has paid each year. Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier was the one who first alleged that there were secret harassment settlements. A figure of $15 Million was thrown out there. There is a catch in her numbers. Read it all below.

The idea of settlements for congressional misconduct being paid secretly with taxpayer money in a republic is absurd. On what planet does a government that makes even a pretense of accountability allow the miscreants in its ranks to engage in malfeasance and stick the public with the bill without even admitting their misdeeds? If I have to pay for Congressman Lech’s grope habit, tell me what he’s up to so that I can vote him out next time. Harvey Weinstein at least had to notify the Weinstein Company when he reached a settlement with someone. Congress ostensibly works for us yet we have no idea what “our employees” are doing with our money to cover up their personal scumbaggery.


I couldn’t agree more. It’s a scandal and the GOP leadership should address it. There’s a big caveat, though, to the uproar about the secret settlements, specifically these numbers that are being passed around online:

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