This Is The DISGUSTING Reason Soros Is In The US Right Now, And Who He’s Secretly Meeting With Changes Everything

George Soros and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi were among those listed who were attending an extreme anti-Trump gathering in California.

Communist Soros graced far-left liberals with his presence, at a four-day conference titled, “Beyond #Resistance: Reclaiming our Progressive Future,” in the Carlsbad area of Southern California. The group demanded that the guests refrain from contacting any media outlets about the event, or posting anything on social media.

The club of overly rich communist donors, The Democracy Alliance, requires each member to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund left-wing extremists. This group promises all members and guests who attend the conference that their participation would stay “confidential.”

Other speakers appearing in person or via video this weekend were expected to include far left liberal Senator Kamala Harris from California and Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota. Representative Ben Ray Lujan from Minnesota and Democrats Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania and Governor-elect Ralph Northam of Virginia. Special guest speakers were listed as CNN contributor and Communist, Van Jones, plus The Center for American Progress CEO, Neera Tanden.

Although Soros did not wear a Nazi uniform when he was a teenager, accompanying Nazi officers helping them search for Jewish property, he might as well have. Many excuses have been given as to why he did this, but the bottom line is, he made a choice. He chose evil, and continues to do so.

Never has Soros regretted any of the decisions he’s made, no matter who it hurts…Jewish, conservative, who’s next?

Soros knows how to go after people, as he has had a lot of experience. He has funded numerous organizations that actively promote Anti-Semitic smears against Jews, just as he now funds Antifa groups against President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Secret leftist society meetings in America need to stop. What are they hiding? Patriots should be afraid of this kind of cloak and dagger approach from liberals, and the amount of money that the rich communist Soros is pouring into it.

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