Top Democrat Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accuser With $27K In Taxpayer Money

Representative John Conyers (D-MI) fired a female employee because she would not “succumb to [his] sexual advances.” Conyers is reported to have used more than $27,000 in taxpayer money to settle the wrongful dismissal complaint.

Conyers is being described as a serial sexual harasser, who would often show unwanted attention to his female employees. Four of his former staffers signed sworn affidavits describing his sleezy sexual daliances in the workplace.

Blogger Mike Cernovich provided BuzzFeed News with the documents proving the allegations and accompanying settlement.

In 2014 a female employee filed a complaint with the Congressional Office of Compliance, stating that she was fired for saying no to Conyers sexual advances. That was the employee that received $27,111.75 settlement, and signed a confidentiality agreement. Congressman Conyers refused to admit any fault.

“In her complaint, the former employee said Conyers repeatedly asked her for sexual favors and often asked her to join him in a hotel room. On one occasion, she alleges that Conyers asked her to work out of his room for the evening, but when she arrived the congressman started talking about his sexual desires,” BuzzFeed reported. “She alleged he then told her she needed to ‘touch it,’ in reference to his penis, or find him a woman who would meet his sexual demands.”

Conyers routinely made it known that performing personal service or “favors” would get female employees promotions and/or more money. Conyers also used taxpayer money to keep the flow of women, whom he was having affairs with, coming to him.

“One of my duties while working for Rep. Conyers was to keep a list of women that I assumed he was having affairs with and call them at his request and, if necessary, have them flown in using Congressional resources,” one affidavit states. Another staffer told BuzzFeed that Conyers, who is the longest-serving congressman, used taxpayer funds to fly women into see him.

These allegations arose just days after a report showed that the Congressional Office of Compliance has spent $17 million of taxpayer’s money on harassment settlements, including sexual harassment cases.


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