Trump Jr. Shares Photos of His Kids in Halloween Costumes Showing ‘Respect for the Military’ – The Internet is Melting

In the Trump family, it seems you can never be too young to start spreading the family’s patriotic message.

On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. shared photographs of his three youngest children in their Halloween costumes.

Revealing that kids Chloe, three, Tristan, six, and Spencer, five, had chosen to dress up as soldiers and police officers, the president’s son couldn’t resist a jibe as he boasted about their choice on social media.

‘Kids have their costumes ready. So cute and it’s nice to see they respect law enforcement and the military already.

‘See how easy that is?!?!’ he quipped as he posted the photographs on Instagram.

 All of the children offered a sweet salute for the camera as they had their photograph taken.

Not pictured were Donald Trump III, eight, and his older sister Kai, 10.

Earlier in the week, Ivanka Trump treated fans to a glimpse of her son Joseph’s catboy costume.

In her own Instagram post, he appeared sitting on a bale of hay as he posted for the camera.

Eric Trump, who welcomed his first child with wife Lara earlier this year, has also been proudly sharing photographs of his family.

While it’s unclear whether his Tabasco t-shirt was intended as a costume or mere outfit, one-month-old Eric Luke looked every bit as adorable as his cousins in a photo shared by his father this week.

 Back on October 9, Vanessa Trump posted the following picture to Twitter:

“My kiddies and I are supporting our police department for the Columbus Day parade!”

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