Twitter User Calls for Trump’s Assassination…198,000 Liberals Found This Likable

Welcome to the endless world of liberal insults, all of which are baseless and more appalling than the one before. Liberals love to compare President Trump to a Nazi, and recently Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly got labeled himself as a racist. Now, doesn’t that strike you as odd, coming from the ever-suspicious left? It certainly does to us.

On Wednesday, things took a more dramatic turn, as an anti=Trump tweet posted by an American liberal got repost and likes, unlike anything we’ve seen so far. The tweet revolves around the idea that someone ought to get President Trump assassinated. Classy.

After John Hinckley Jr., the lunatic who was recently released despite attempting to assassinate President Ronald Reagan back in 1981, a Twitter user with the nickname Simpboyz wrote, “I hope he ready to go back because we need him again.”

The tweet was later deleted, but caught on pretty quickly, as lefties across America enjoyed the idea of having President Trump getting killed.

Take a look:

The validity of the tweet can be seen after a Google search of the content, showing the search engine still holds records of the nasty rant.

Aside from the initial tweet, Google also preserved as a cache one of the tweet responses: “You know what’s even funnier? People who can’t take a joke.”

To whom this stroke as funny, I am uncertain, but the ‘joke’ is anything but amusing. Well, maybe to the liberals it is.

Take a look at some of the replies:


Trump has had a lot on his plate lately, from lefties accusing him of being rude to a fallen soldier’s widow, to his ‘obvious’ Nazi tendencies. I mean, do these people ever stop?

It wasn’t enough to have Trump thrown under the bus, we now have John Kelly facing a backlash for reportedly racially insulting Democratic Congresswoman Frederica Wilson- a thing that never happened, by the way.

Let me paint a picture for you, folks: This liberal ambition to have President Trump undermined alongside everyone who works udner his commands is unlikely to stop. Democrats have been losing their minds over his well-earned presidency, and cannot cope with the simple fact that Hillary Clinton loss and America is climbing the ladder of success once more. Unsuccessful in their latest efforts to have their way, the only ‘logical’ thing left on the list was to have Trump assassinated. Well, it would be unlike them to skip that possibility for once.

We all know how a Democrat gets once he or she feels threatened.

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