WATCH: “F**k Yo Flag” Black Protesters Spit On the Flag…THEN They Meet a VET

A Donald Trump rally provided confirming proof that utter lack of education and common sense rather than institutional racism is a primary cause of African American anger. The below videos were obtained by InfoWars and can be safely labeled NSFW. Several black supporters attempted to sidetrack the rally in West Allis, Wisconsin, claiming they were protesting the 2012 death of Corey Stingley by stomping on and repeatedly spitting on the American flag while cussing other people out to express their “oppression”.

Some other highlights from the above:

  • Black problems are all basically about the evils of the white man, black on black violence is a “made up statistic”.
  • West Allis and Madison, WI are apparently two of the most racist cities in the country. I wonder if anyone has checked which Party runs those towns.
  • They oppose Trump because building a wall is “racist rhetoric”. Apparently, “Mexico used to be part of America. They [presumably the Whities] stole that sh*t too from Mexicans.” Huh?
  • The above interviewee supports Black Lives Matter but isn’t a BLM member because it’s been “co-oped”. He does refer to the Black Panthers and Malcolm X as “great”. I guess it’s nice to know not all violence inducing wannabe terrorist groups haven’t gone corporate.
  • Evidentially, the American flag is “the new swastika”.

I wonder if these “protestors” understands that if they tried this sh*t in Nazi Germany, they wouldn’t be seeing the light of day until, well forever. Also, neither would their family, friends and any poor schlub they bumped into at the beer hall. I also wonder if they understand or care that the whole linchpin of their hatred towards this freedom-securing country- “everyone is equal but some are more equal than others” – is actually the foundation for the Communist oppression which the U.S.A opposed and defeated for almost 60 years.

These next clips show how they push back a vet who took one look at what they were doing to the flag he fought and bled for:

  • While these instigators were claiming to be “peacefully protesting” against all this oppressive racism I wonder if they cared to notice that nearly all the police that was protecting them and their hateful rhetoric were white? And police. Which kind of punches a whole in their Murderous Oppression of the Man argument.
  • Since when is spitting and stomping on the American effing flag considered “peaceful” not considered physically antagonistic? Is there anybody left who understands that such actions are threatening to people’s way of life, even indirectly-not unlike the KKK burning crosses?

Oh hell, let’s call these “protestors” what they are, militant bullies who justify their own race-fueled antagonism while accusing anyone else of being racist.

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