White Manager Throws out Black Trump Supporter Out of the Gym — Then a Sweet Revenge Came Along

Many of President Trump’s supporters have faced the ugly reality that is liberal America- the insults, the bashing, the ‘democracy.’

One such case of the liberal ‘tolerance’ was the one where a liberal gym employee kicked out a conservative pro-Trump African-American out of the gym for simply “supporting Donald Trump.” The liberal staffer soon met his faith, as it took one phone call and just three words to knock some sense into him.

Liberals enjoy the idea of being the all-accepting group of people, regardless of race, nationality, and gender. Still, this was proven to be wrong on so many levels, and the lefties’ mask dropped as soon as the ‘party’ was done. Instead of their well-known liberal beliefs of fighting for equality, understanding, tolerance, and acceptance, we find more and more cases each day, where liberals are not only aggressive and offensive towards Trump supporters, but obviously towards people of different race, too.

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, 68, told the story of how he suffered a degenerating attack by a couple of gym employees. Peterson explained how, as he was training at Equinox gym in Los Angeles, an unidentified employee approached him and condemned his political views. he did not only put up with the employee’s screams and insults, he was kicked out with the words, “You support Donald Trump!”

Shortly after the incident, Peterson stated he was confronted by a man, who introduced himself as the manager named “Scott” and let the pastor know he would need to leave and end his membership at the gym. Bullying never looked so ugly!

According to October 19 reports, Peterson let Equinox Sports Club Los Angeles manager Jeff Peters know that he will be receiving a lawsuit filed by the pastor himself, regarding his anti-civic behavior. In addition, Peterson noted he would only drop the lawsuit if he was compensated with a $200,000 donation to his nonprofit Christian organization alongside an apology from the company.

 “The only cited reason” was “his political views and support for the current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump,” Anthony Kohrs, Peterson’s attorney in the case pointed out. “He doesn’t want his membership back. He feels humiliated. He’s very troubled that his civil rights were violated. He doesn’t want this to happen to other people. Rev. Peterson hereby demands a $200,000 donation to BOND, the immediate termination of ‘Scott’ (who shockingly remains employed by Equinox) and a written apology,” Kohrs wrote.

Khors assured the reason for Peterson’s lawsuit was because he was not going to allow the gym treat another person in the same way ever again. The lawsuit entails excerpts of several California laws indicating that no businesses are allowed to discriminate against customers “on the basis of political affiliation” because it “violates several civil rights.”

If the pastor’s needs are not met, he would certainly go after a large monetary compensation.

“More important to Rev. Peterson than a settlement is exposing Equinox’s intolerance and bigotry,” Kohrs told TheDC. “In the United States of America, we do not discriminate against our citizens because of their political views or affiliations,” Kohrs wrote in the letter to Equinox. “Equinox’s discrimination and the conduct of its employees is shocking and reprehensible.”

Even though the liberal disgrace is not something the pastor hasn’t seen so far, he is still appalled at their audacity to go to such lengths to boycott Trump and his admirers. As he pointed out, he lived during the Democratic Party’s Jim Crow’s era, but things were never as radical as they are at this very moment.

“I grew up under Jim Crow laws,” he told TheDC. “I have never been treated that way in my life.”

Peters was asked to give a statement regarding the incident but was not available for comments. He has probably gone off the radar in order to allow the matter to ‘settle’ a bit since he is dealing with a rather delicate lawsuit.

Conservatives have been long labeled as White Supremacists, Nazis, racists, and sexists, but it turns out liberals have finally shown their faces. While it is one thing to disagree with the Republican Party’s views, it is totally another thing to act out against humanity and civil rights. The one thing we’ve learned about liberals today is, they like to paint a perfect picture of themselves while working silently to undermine anyone they do not agree with.A silent water runs deep…and not in a good way.

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