Whoopi Is Asking Why 55% of White People Say They Feel ‘Discrimination’ — She’s Really Confused [VIDEO]

ABC’s ‘The View’ has turned in one big circus parade, and nothing different happened on Wednesday’s episode, as many saucy topics came up for discussion. Hosts of the show debated many current occurrences, including Sen. Jeff Flake’s (R-AZ) retirement announcement, and his engagement in the Niger mission, or the lack thereof.

In a familiar fashion, the show soon took a different turn with hosts suddenly discussing bullying and a recent poll.

The liberals’ favorite host, Whoopi Goldberg, talked about a recent poll that showed 55 percent of white people believe there is an existing discrimination of the white race in America. Particular examples of discrimination were not laid out, which caused Goldberg to suspect the poll altogether.

Co-host Joy Behar explained that since life “has not treated them well,” white people were keen to shift the blame of their low income or other life challenges on racism, adding, “it’s basically being a victim, and victimhood is not helpful. Victimhood only is, I’m blaming somebody else for my problem.”

Then, co-host Sara Haines expressed her thoughts on the matter, saying the discrimination America is facing is not so much as focused on “race” but more on the whole “socio-economic” aspect of things. She clarified that unemployed white people, “tired of being told they have privilege,” are now protesting their poverty by taking it out on racism.

Whoopi Goldberg brought closure to the conversation by claiming, “now maybe white folks will understand how we feel when people generalize about us.”

Take a look at the discussion below:


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