WikiLeaks Exposes CIA In Russian Hacking Cover-up

WikiLeaks published hundreds more files this week, this time they appear to show how the CIA worked overtime to disguise its own hacking as Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran attacks.

This dump of files has over 600 files and are a part of Vault 7 which give us a behind the scene look at the CIA Marble software. This software can disguise viruses, trojans and hacks. This could lead investigators to attribute CIA led hacks to other countries.

 WikiLeak founder Julian Assange, still hiding out in London, said Vault 7 was the biggest release of US government files made public.

These comes on the heels of the last WikiLeak release of thousands of other documents that revealed that the CIA had been using their hacking abilities to infiltrate smart TV’s, phones and even self driving cars!

Experts who are trying to authenticate the documents say they appear to be legit. So not only do we now know the CIA can and have been hacking in to private American citizens technology, they are also blaming it on other countries! We can only imagine the scramble happening around the CIA.

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