Woman Strips Down and Sticks Head Out of Car Window… Ends Up Dead


A woman has died after a bizarre accident which involved her hanging the top half of her body out of the passenger side window. The driver recorded the incident on a mobile phone.

Natalia Borodina, 35, from Moscow, was vacationing in the Dominican Republic when she decided to take the top of her bikini off and stuck her body out of the window. Borodina was hamming it up for the camera, laughing, sticking her finger in her mouth, almost falling out at one point.

The shocking, graphic video shows Borodina squealing with enjoyment before she hits something and gets whipped out of the car. As it was reported later, Borodina actually hit her head on the poll of a road sign and cracked her skull open.

Borodina was rushed to the hospital and died there of “serious injuries,” according to Russian media. It has also been reported that Borodina’s eight year old son, was vacationing with her in the Dominican Republic.

Originally from Zlatoust, an industrial city in the Urals, Borodina moved to Chelyabinsk before relocating to Moscow. She has been working in Cannes, France as an estate agent.

Borodina was selling real estate mostly to Russian nationals. Russian media assumed that the killed woman was working in the sex industry, but it has been reported that Borodina simply admired her body and appearance did not mind showing it off on her photos.

It is against the law in some countries to stick arms or other body parts outside of moving vehicles. Such a decision can bring a ticketed fine, but in Natalia’s case, it brought death.

Reports state that Borodina’s family has been notified of her shocking death.

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