YouTube publicized a video featuring six Native American girls explaining to viewers the ‘real meaning’ behind Thanksgiving, making the case that the holiday is rooted in white supremacy and genocide.

The video was originally published by Teen Vogue in 2016, but YouTube brought it back for 2017 by tweeting it out on Thanksgiving Day.

“Happy Thanksgiving, America, I’m Daunnette, and I’m here with my friends to tell you the real history behind this holiday,” begins Daunette Reyome, a Teen Vogue model. “Growing up, I knew that what they told you in school about Thanksgiving wasn’t true. That’s not the true story.”

“The true story behind Thanksgiving was, after every killing of a whole village, these European settlers celebrated it, and they called it ‘Thanksgiving.’”

The script continues along this theme of ‘debunking the myth,’ and the video concludes with the girls flipping the table over after wishing another sarcastic, “Happy Thanksgiving, America.”


The original Tweet has received a mere 2,000 Likes at the time of this writing, despite YouTube’s massive following of over 70 million on Twitter.

Users have ripped and ridiculed the video, with virtually all of the most popular responses being negative.


“Nobody celebrates this because they hate people, lmao,” writes Arbiter, whose response has garnered more than triple the Likes of the original post. “It’s a celebration where people come together and be thankful for what they have. Honestly, these people are the type of people who just purposely want to see the negative stuff in everything that exists.”

YouTube did not Tweet any Thanksgiving-related messages featuring a positive historical viewpoint of the holiday, choosing instead to highlight Black Friday shopping, pets, and a primer on “5 Comebacks For Your Racist Relative During The Holidays.”


Based on the overwhelming backlash against YouTube’s offensive Thanksgiving Tweets, it seems quite clear that the majority of folks are sick of left-wing companies pushing SJW propaganda on the masses.

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